When you think nothing else matters, winter does.

Winter, is both loved and loathed by many. Love it or loath it, however, it is still very much important; it matters. To that end, our mission is to share with you various matters that pertain to winter. As snowboarders we think it's important, and whether you're a winter sports enthusiast, or just looking for a stop-gap between summer activities, we hope you think it matters too. After all, the Ying does not exist without the Yang...


Tailgate Resolutions for The Last Frontier


The January issue of Backcountry Magazine arrived in my mailbox this week. During my initial flip through to determine which articles would most interest me, I came across an ad for Alyeska Resort in Alaska. The full page ad consisted of a picture of skier Clint Butler riding in fresh pow, presumably at Alyeska resort, with the caption: Alaska, the last frontier. This bothered me somewhat, especially when I read the rest of the copy in the ad: "Package includes four-nights lodging at the Hotel Alyeska plus 3-day lift ticket and breakfast each morning for two." This seemed kinda like riding in the camera car in the Tour de France and claiming to have participated; hardly the last frontier I imagine when I think of Alaska.

Fear of a Black Pant


The snowboarding season is finally on in the North East (North America for you global netizens). With it comes the beginning of the lesson programs offered by the ski school at my local resort; a winter source of employ for yours truly. However, this year is a bit different than in the past because the ski school — which manages both ski and snowboard programs — has a brand new director. With the new management in place, the big question before the season began, was whether or not this would trigger the usual war over uniforms (i.e. whether or not the famous "black pants only" rule would be enforced). The answer came the weekend of the instructor training: unfortunately yes.

Cold Fuse'n with Spark R&D


Last spring, while I was "living" on Thompson Pass in Alaska, I got the opportunity to test out some Spark R&D Fuse bindings with my split board. Erik Morrison, Spark R&D Rep. and King of the Hill Competitor, was gracious enough to let me use them for a couple days, so I got to test drive them on both sled accessed and skin accessed terrain. Although I didn't get to log any heli time with them, I still thought I'd share the experience and my thoughts on the bindings.

The Forecast Calls for Weather


As I look outside my window, I'm starting to see red, orange, yellow, mixed in with all the green of the deciduous trees. This is a sure sign that fall is upon us and winter is not too far off. With my sights now fixed on the coming winter, I've started wondering what this snow season will bring.