When you think nothing else matters, winter does.

Winter, is both loved and loathed by many. Love it or loath it, however, it is still very much important; it matters. To that end, our mission is to share with you various matters that pertain to winter. As snowboarders we think it's important, and whether you're a winter sports enthusiast, or just looking for a stop-gap between summer activities, we hope you think it matters too. After all, the Ying does not exist without the Yang...


Time To Split? - Walk the plank.


In the “Blown In” column of the February issue of Backcountry magazine, Colin Whyte wrote about the recent growth in popularity of splitboarding. Fueled by significant advances in gear, and the impending release of Jeremy Jones' new film Deeper, splitboarding seems to be benefiting from an increase in public visibility.

Empire Ghetto Games - Reaching new heights in Rigaud


Last weekend I took a whirlwind road trip to Mont Rigaud just west of Montreal. Those of you who know of Mont Rigaud might be wondering what the hell makes this event so significant? Reaching the heights of Mont Rigaud will not exactly induce high altitude pulmonary edema or cerebral edema, and the views are not exactly spectacular. However, even if you have the raddest terrain on the planet, what does that really mean without a good crew to share it with. I had been told that the Mont Rigaud crew was one of the best, so I decided to go see for myself.

Skin To Win - Applying new knowledge in the Gulf of Slides


On the weekend of February 20th, I was in the White Mountains of New Hampshire to do the AIARE Level 2 avalanche course. It wasn't that long ago – December to be exact – that I had done the level 1 and I was keen on becoming an even bigger snow geek. This time, as I understood, we would be spending a bit more time in the field looking at snow grains, making weather observations, and just generally playing in the snow. I was also hopeful that this time I'd have the opportunity to do a little backcountry snowboarding while I was at it.

2009/10 Burton Supermodel - Shred Labs Board Test


The Burton Supermodel is one of those boards that everyone has heard about, its been around for a long time. However, I'm not certain a whole lot of people have actually ridden it... I decided to take her for a ride and see how she felt (wow, apparently I'm just as dirty as I am polite...)