When you think nothing else matters, winter does.

Winter, is both loved and loathed by many. Love it or loath it, however, it is still very much important; it matters. To that end, our mission is to share with you various matters that pertain to winter. As snowboarders we think it's important, and whether you're a winter sports enthusiast, or just looking for a stop-gap between summer activities, we hope you think it matters too. After all, the Ying does not exist without the Yang...


SIA Day 4 - Keeping it Real in Keystone


On day four of the SIA tradeshow, we decided to skip out on the commercial aspects of snowboading and focus on what's really important: the snow, the mountains, and the fun. Brian and Steve of the Sierra crew volunteered to provide us with rides in two senses of the word: a means to get to the mountain, and boards to get us down the mountain (we didn't bring our own snowboards to Denver). We then set our bearing west in the direction of Keystone for a day of riding on Sunday.

2009/10 Burton T6 - Shred Labs Board Test


Burton was at my home mountain recently to allow people to demo this year's gear. While they were there, Adam let us take some boards out to do some tests. One of the boards that we tested was the 2009/10 Burton T6. I've never actually ridden the T6, although a few years ago one was offered to me as a loaner when I found pressure cracks on my APO Family 58. My APO lasted the weekend, however, (and incidentally the rest of the season) so I didn't get an opportunity to try out the T6 until now so I was looking forward to seeing what it was all about.

SIA Day Three - Rediscovering the essence


Saturday was day three of the SIA snowsports tradeshow. After taking in the free funk served up by Del on Friday, we weren't in a huge rush to get to the convention center. It was a good bet that day three was going to be a low key affair (relatively speaking). The plan was to meet up with some friends from Sierra Snowboard, then take it from there.

SIA Day Two - "All In" for Denver


Friday was the second day of the SIA tradeshow. Day one, on Thursday, had already seemed long in spite of the fact that we didn't really go party that night. In spite of this, I still planned to get an early start on day two. Since Zoe had been fighting a cold, however, we left her behind so she could get some more sleep. We were therefore left to our own devices to take photos so I apologize in advance if there aren't many.